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Page Turners Book Club

book discussion group that meets monthly at the Library

This group meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm in the Woman's Club Room to discuss the book selection of the month.  If you would like to join this book club, please contact the Library Director, Vicki Mazure.  You can also register online.

The book selections are made by the Library Director, with input from group members.  Discussion questions are normally provided by the library. 

You can choose to get your own book, or have the library provide a print book for you.  If the library provides you with a book, there is a $10 monthly fee and the book must be returned.  Some of the books provided by the library may be borrowed from another library, and some may be purchased by the library.  After the book club, books purchased by the library may be available for you to buy.  You would need to pay the full purchase price of the book, rounded up to the nearest dollar.  The $10 fee that you previously paid would be applied as a credit to the cost to purchase the book.  If you choose to get your own book, you do not need to pay the monthly fee.

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